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Semi- Conductor

BSC provides technical resources with the following skills. We work hard to find the right engineer to match your existing methodology and process, resulting in the most efficient team-building possible.

All candidates are thoroughly screened by senior BSC Solutions engineers before undergoing your own screening process.

Service Offering with the following skills:

  • Micro-architecture 
  • Verification Plan
  • SoC Design Implementation
  • FPGA Implementation
  • RTL Design (Verilog, VHDL)
  • Low-power Design
  • Synthesis
  • Static Timing Analysis
  • Formal Verification
  • Emulation
  • Floorplanning
  • Place & Route
  • Clock Tree Synthesis
  • Timing closure
  • Signal Integrity Analysis
  • IR-drop Analysis
  • Yield enhancement
  • Physical Verification
  • Silicon debug
  • H/W & S/W co-verification
  • Design for Test (DFT)
  • Scan-insertion
  • ATPG vector generation
  • Memory BIST 
  • Driver development
  • Firmware development
  • Design Verification (System Verilog, OVM, UVM, SVA)
  • Custom embedded software development  (ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, DSP)

Some of the end customers include Intel and Qualcomm.