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Staff Augmentation

BSC provides various staff augmentation solutions for our customers. These solutions are tailored to the customer needs providing the best and the most cost effective resources.

BSC has a 90% retention rate for its Staff Augmentation clients. We strive to exceed client expectations using technology, experience and skills.

What we offer?

Permanent Hires or Direct Hire: For a pre-negotiated fee BSC will recruit the right resource for you. Clients also have an option of contract to hire perm resources.

Contract Staffing: BSC provides contractors/consultants to supplement your resources. This could be for either short term projects or long term sustained needs. BSC diligently understands the customer requirements, vets qualified candidates and offers clients a choice of viable candidates.

Contract-to-hire: Recruiting is expensive and time consuming. For a standard fee BSC will recruit the right resource for you and give the option of contract-to-hire.

Independent Contractors: BSC can assist in Independent Contractor compliance at your company. BSC ensures that the contractors comply with all necessary regulations thus minimizing any risk for the customer. BSC also assists in mitigating any risk related to co-employment for contingent

Recruiting Services (on demand): This is relevant for customers who want additional recruiting help on as needed basis. BSC provides additional recruiting resources.